Board of Water Supply’s residential submeter program

The Board of Water Supply’s residential submeter program was created for landscape irrigation water that does not go through the sewer system. The program significantly reduces monthly water bills for some customers.

We’ve found that most properties with 6 – 7 irrigation zones or more, or approx. 8,000 square feet and up, can benefit from this program.  It’s important to know what the cost of installation will be as sometimes it’s necessary to update your irrigation system and it adds to the cost of labor and materials.

The Mulkern Landscaping team has helped many clients set-up the separated system, which includes installation of a reduced pressure backflow preventer that separates the irrigation water from other household in-flows.  Following that, a separate submeter can be installed to record the amount of water used exclusively for the grounds.

When using this program it is the responsibility of the homeowner to record and report the meter readings each month to the Department of Environmental Services.

In order to determine whether or not you will save money using a submeter, you should read the sub-metering information on the environmental services website.  Not only is there information on the program but also recommendations on how to figure out whether or not a submeter will be a cost savings for you.

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