Landscape Design FAQs

“Why do I need a design?”  Is a common question from prospective customers.  Susan Mulkern answered it best when she said: “It always helps to have a game plan.  A design includes specifications for exactly how many plants, how much compost and where everything goes.  This prevents possible misunderstandings and helps future contractors work on your property.”  Also, having a clear plan for landscape installations can save customers from unnecessary expenses.

“How do I start design work?”  At Mulkern Landscaping we start with a one-on-one consultation at your residence with Kevin or Susan Mulkern. From there, we’ll put the ideas to paper and provide a proposal based on your landscaping needs.

Tips to start thinking about your design:

  • Lifestyle: What do you imagine using the backyard for? Evening events, lunch, games for children?
    Soil: What plants will grow best in the part of the island you live in?
    Space: How much space do you have? Will it allow ample room for water features?

“What’s the end result?”  At the end of the design process customers will have detailed drawings of the property’s existing conditions, the proposed landscape plantings, an automatic irrigation system and low voltage outdoor lighting (if desired) complete with specifications and material keys. The design will include a detailed proposal for our company to install the landscape. These plans are drawn up with ease of use in mind. This process usually takes approximately 30 hours of drafting and meeting time.