Renovation or Installation – What Do I Need?

Helping customers create their dream garden paradise​

Knowing some landscaper jargon can help you communicate with your prospective landscape contractor.

Landscape Renovations are a “spring cleaning” that gets your garden in shape if regular maintenance hasn’t been effective. Renovations are usually recommended for overgrown yards. This is an economical alternative to re-landscaping when the original landscape is more or less still there.

New Landscape Installations involve starting from scratch using a landscape master plan to create a new garden. This can include new sprinkler and lighting systems, a water feature, new walkways, new plants. We can even remove concrete and give you back some green.

With any project our team will include a 3 month maintenance plan to make sure it establishes correctly. This is one of the ways we stand behind our work.

How do you know which service is best for your yard? Call us for a full landscape consultation.