What’s a Consultation?

Don’t know where to start with your landscape? Any successful project begins with a plan. Landscaping is no different. If you are a little lost, scheduling a Landscape Consultation is the perfect first step. We recommend a more in depth first meeting for people considering landscape designs, installations and renovations.

What is a Landscape Consultation?  Simply put, a landscape consultation is whatever you’d like it to be. Just ask yourself: “how could a professional best help me with my landscape project?”

How can I use the consultation service?

  • Comprehensive Landscape Assessment with Recommendations
  • Q&A with Kevin or Susan Mulkern
  • Creating a DIY Landscape Program for Homeowners
  • Personalized, onsite instruction for a Landscape Topic of your choice including irrigation, low voltage lighting, water features, etc.
  • Insurance Assessments for Damaged Landscapes
  • First Meeting in the Design Process
  • Staff Training for groundskeepers at Hotels, Townhouses, Commercial Buildings, etc.
  • Landscape project management

Why choose a paid Consultation?  Many homeowners opt for a consultation over a landscape estimate because they have more time on site with our professionals Kevin or Susan Mulkern. Customers also enjoy the detailed feedback that they get with our paid service – typically 3-5 pages of comprehensive information recapping their meeting, referrals of trusted industry contacts, prompt follow up on any questions that require further research and our proposal.

Outer Island/Out of State?  Although we primarily serve Oahu, if you are on the outer islands or out of state and would like to take advantage of our consultation services please give us a call for more information at 808-396-6595. Prices will reflect travel time and costs.

How much is this service?  There is a $300 fee for work on the island of Oahu which includes a 1 hour site meeting (advice, ideas, analysis) and written recommendations. Any additional time will be billed at our consulting rate of $150/hour.  These prices are as of June 1, 2016 and are subject to change.