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Hawaii Landscaping Workshop - Bugs

Fertilizer FAQs

What does N-P-K mean?  What are the numbers on a bag of fertilizer? EX: 21-6-5 N – Nitrogen promotes rapid growth, dark green leaf color, improves

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Mulkern on the Radio!

The Mulkern has a standing invitation to Mike Buck’s Fix It Friday talk show.  Kevin or Susan often discuss landscape challenges and basic garden knowledge.  Homeowners

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backyard landscape

Lawn Care Basics

REGULAR LAWN CARE Mow weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the grass type and climate.  It promotes dense turf, suppresses weeds and is great for children.  Remove no

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Join our Team!

Why Work At Mulkern? Mulkern Landscaping has been serving homeowners and businesses since 1975. We maintain an employee friendly environment and look for involvement at

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